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  • large flat home compostable zip bag
  • ecofriendly bioplastic zipper bag

10.5"x11" Home Compostable Flat Zip Gallon Bag [1000 Bags]


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10.5"x11" Flat Zip Bag, Home Compostable Bag, Home Compostable Zip, Transparent, Re-sealable, 1000/pack

Superior strength, freezer-safe and excellent oxygen and moisture barrier!  Great for coffee, tea, cannabis, frozen foods, and more.  Certified home compostable films made mostly from bio-based raw materials.  Entire bag construction and closures are industrial compostable.  Do not contain any bisphenol (including BPA and other derivatives). Free of phthalates and FDA-approved for food contact.
These compostable bags/pouches may be used as described above under FDA’s Conditions of Use C (“Hot filled or pasteurized above 150oF”) through G (“Frozen storage (no thermal treatment in the container)”) in contact with all types of food except infant formula, breast milk, or alcoholic foods.

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