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​Elevate Packaging and Bio4Life Enter into Exclusive Distribution Agreement

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PURE Labels ecofriendly labels with compostable adhesive

CHICAGO, September 1, 2015 -- Elevate Packaging, a leading sustainable packaging and label technology company, today announced it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for North America with Bio4Life for BioTAK® compostable adhesive products and PSA Labels under their brand name PURE Labels™.

Under the terms of the agreement, Elevate Packaging is the exclusive North American distributor for the complete line of BioTAK® compostable adhesive products and PSA Labels under the established brand name PURE Labels™ include compostable cheese and deli papers. The PURE Labels line of compostable labels includes three varieties of bioplastic NatureFlex® in gloss white, silver, and clear, as well as Direct Thermal, 100% Recycled, and tree-free natural sugarcane paper. All labels are certified to EN13432 by DIN Certco and Vincotte. The companies are pursuing American certification and standards under ASTM-6400 and ASTM D6868.

PURE Labels offers the widest range of eco-friendly labels in North America which covers compostable, recycled, and recycle-compatible pressure-sensitive adhesive label solutions.

"Elevate Packaging is dedicated to providing the widest range of authentic sustainable packaging and label solutions that enable companies to meet the growing need to have eco-friendly packaging solutions," said Richard Cohen, CEO and President of Elevate Packaging. "Elevate Packaging is the first company exclusively dedicated to the critical need for more sustainable packaging. Our innovative approach uniquely positions Elevate Packaging to stay at the forefront of sustainable packaging and offering the BioTAK® coated PURE Labels line of products provides label printers, converters, and brand owners with high-quality compostable labels for all their needs. Bio4Life shares our commitment to innovation, superior quality, and a sincere sense of responsibility to produce environmentally-responsible packaging products."

Arjan Klapwijk, President of Bio4Life added, "Elevate Packaging is a great partner for the BioTAK® brand. They have the reputation, experience, commitment and market penetration as well as a complementary product portfolio and sustainability vision to make Bio4Life products a market leader in North America. We are happy that Elevate Packaging recognized the quality, robustness, innovation and sustainable leadership of our BioTAK® products."

The companies plan for greater collaboration to build upon the existing manufacturing and distribution of BioTAK® products. The distribution agreement may be expanded with additional products and territories in the future. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Elevate Packaging Inc.

ELEVATE PACKAGING is the leading source for sustainable packaging solutions and branding since 2000. Trusted experts in creating eco-friendly brand experiences with recycled, compostable, and recycle-friendly packaging, boxes, bags and labels. More information may be found at and

About Bio4Life

Bio4Life B.V. is a company specialized in compostable and renewable materials, with a focus on self-adhesive labels. The company is located in Bleiswijk (NL) and is supplying products all over Europe. Bio4Life captured the Award for Sustainability at the Label Industry Global Awards 2014, held as part of Labelexpo Americas in Chicago, for the new fruit label.

BioTAK® is the tradename for certified compostable adhesive, manufactured by Sustainable Adhesive Products Ltd, a subsidiary company of Bio4Life.

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