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For truly authentic sustainable labels, choose PURE Labels brand of eco-friendly labels.

You can be assured that each PURE Labels™ product is genuinely sustainable and the leading sustainable solution, including Compostable and Biodegradable, 100% Recycled, Reyclable and Recycle-compatible, natural, and tree-free. Elevate Packaging is committed to supporting the needs of Regenerative Organics. PURE Labels are made exclusively with non-GMO materials, every time, all the time.
Natural, organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly brand owners rely on the integrity of their supply chain. This extends even beyond their direct raw materials (such as fair trade cacao, green coffee beans, organic grains, organic cannabis, or whatever their primary supply).
Truly sustainable brands seek full-circle sustainability of their supply chain, and that includes packaging and labels. Elevate Packaging created the PURE Labels brand of eco-friendly adhesive labels to provide brand owners the widest range of options for their labeling needs. For every situation: from permanent to removable, wet to dry, oily and greasy, frozen to hot, direct thermal to thermal transfer, clear to natural, and much more.
Most importantly: every label option offered by Elevate Packaging is a sustainable leader in each of its categories.
A unique and critical element of PURE Labels™ is the certified compostable proprietary adhesive which is used in all compostable labels. The combination of compostable facestocks and adhesives are what make our labels truly the real thing in compostablility.
PURE Labels encompass a wide range of certified compostable adhesive label stocks.  All stock rolls have permanent adhesive and also available with removable adhesives on request. Both the adhesives and adhesive labels are certified compostable. The PSA labels have been certified compostable following the testing basis of both ASTM D6400 and EN 13432.

From our founding, until now and forever,
Elevate Packaging is a leader in every sustainability category of packaging and labels.

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Custom Printed Compostable Sugarcane LabelsCustom Printed Compostable Labels with Bright Colors

Custom Printed Compostable Bioplastic Fruit StickersCustom Printed Compostable Transparent Bioplastic with Gold Printing

Custom Die Shape Printed Compostable LabelsCompostable Stickers

Are PURE Labels (tm) 100% Compostable?
PURE Labels(tm) is the only compostable adhesive label available in North America.  The facestock is certified compostable, and the adhesives are certified compostable.
Is the liner for PURE Labels also compostable?
The liner however is not compostable, which is an industry-wide challenge.  No liner in the world is compostable (not yet) but we are working on that solution and very near solving it.
Are labels printed with compostable inks?
Labels can be printed with compostable inks on commercial flexo printers.  Flexo print runs tend to be rather large (e.g. starting 50,000 or 100,000 labels per artwork) so often the labels are printed digitally, which allow for print runs from 1000 labels and up.  We print on a variety of digital printers with excellent quality results on the HP Indigo series of commercial printers.  The ink is proprietary to HP and it is called electro-ink.
Is it possible to confirm claims of compostability?
Not all labels marketed as Compostable or Biodegradable are actually authentic.  This is unfortunate as it creates confusion and distrust for packaging buyers.  Additionally it muddles the integrity of sustainable packaging, however there is a good ending to this story.  There are various test methods and standards for compostability for adhesive labels.  The facestock and the adhesive must be compostable - and most important is to ask if the adhesive is compostable, and if it is certified.  A compostable certification (not just a test) is the only way to be sure the adhesives are truly compostable.