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​Why Sugarcane Labels are both Eco-Friendly and Attractive

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Custom Printed Compostable Sugarcane LabelsCompostable Sugarcane is one of our most popular label materials at PURE Labels. Our labels are certified compostable, are tree-free, and have recycle-compatible adhesive.

But did you know that sugarcane fiber is also a “double-dip” of sustainability?

Sugarcane paper is more eco-friendly to produce than wood-pulp paper. It also biodegrades faster and returns nutrients to the soil. These qualities make it an excellent choice for using to produce compostable packaging and labels.

Created from Waste Sugarcane Fiber

The label facestock is made from bagasse - a sugarcane fiber waste product created by the sugar refining industry. For every 10 tonnes of sugarcane crushed, a factory will produce nearly 3 tonnes of wet bagasse. That’s not to mention the waste fiber that remains in the field after harvesting.

The waste is disposed of by treating it as garbage: dumping or burning it, causing extra pollution to enter the atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly Production

Sugarcane is a renewable eco-friendly source as it reproduces in cycles of less than one year. In comparison, trees for paper production generally take 7 to 10 years to reach maturity.

Deforestation accounts for 20 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. By using sugarcane in place of wood pulp we can lower pollution and preserve forest ecosystems.

Repurposing Sugarcane Bagasse into Paper

Products, packaging, and labels made from bagasse require less energy to produce. The waste product has been harvested and collected as part of the sugar industry processes - it’s already at the factory! Because fewer steps are needed, sugarcane is less polluting and less fuel intensive than its wood-based counterpart.

Bagasse is already available in abundance as an agricultural waste product. Since the waste product already exists, it makes sense to use it!

We are using this sustainable material to create beautiful labels with a unique natural, organic appearance. 

Unbleached with naturally occurring fibers and tone, available as blank sheets or custom printed. Produced in compliance with major compost standards including international compost standard ASTM D6868 EN13432. This label is certified compostable by Din Certco, and FDA 21 CFR 17

Eco-friendly from beginning to end.

Shop now for blank labels or contact us for a custom label quote.

Compostable Kraft Pouch with Sugarcane Label

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