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Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions.

 Learn about Compostable Packaging, Standard vs. Custom Options and more...

Q&A About Compostable Packaging


What is Compostable Packaging?

  • When placed in the proper composting environment it decomposes into a finished product call humus that can re-enrich soil

What is Certified Compostable Packaging?

  • It has been verified by a certified testing agency to decompose within a specific amount of time into humus with minuscule amounts of toxicity or heavy metals

Are Elevate's products Compostable? Home Compostable? Certified?

  • All of our products (except for a few labels where indicated) are compostable
  • If composted properly, they will compost at home
  • Our labels are certified in Europe and by Cedar Grove (the leading Composter in the US)
  • All of the materials used to make our bags are certified compostable and we are in the process of getting the final structure certified as well

But What if People Don’t Have Access to Composting?

  • That’s exactly what we are trying to solve!  By using our products you will drive your customers to demand composting!
  • In the meantime, they can compost at home, use private composting services or if they live in places like Seattle, composting is already mainstream!
  • At the very least it helps to know that our products come from natural, renewable resources and means you are using the most sustainable option available.

How do I get Started?

  • If you need more than 2,000 labels (starting at ~$500) or 10,000 bags (starting at ~$5,000), complete an inquiry and we will send you a quote (price per unit goes down with higher quantities)
  • Otherwise, browse our Standard Blank Products (starting at $19.95)


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Q&A About Ordering with Elevate Packaging


What do you offer?

  • Compostable Labels, Compostable Cello Bags and Compostable Pouches in Standard Blank options and Custom Printed

Do you offer custom printing (e.g. Logos) and custom sizes?

  • Custom Printing and/or Sizes have a minimum of 2,000 for Labels (starting at ~$500) and 10,000 for Bags (starting at ~$5,000) 
  • Price per unit goes down with higher quantities
  • Custom production takes 2 weeks for labels and 3 weeks for bags
  • If you don’t need the minimum quantities then please order Standard Blank options  that we keep in stock and ship same day (and are available in our Products section)
  • You can print on the Standard Blank labels with a home or office printer (templates) and the inks will be benign so as not to impact the Composting

Can I order samples?

  • For custom orders, we recommend that you get a quote before ordering samples
  • You can order samples from any product page on
  • You can order sample materials and print examples of our labels here:

Tell me more about the company

  • Our goal is to End Landfills while Re-enriching the Soil to Renew the Planet
  • We believe that Compostable Packaging is a way to spread the word for people to demand composting become available in their area which will ultimately end landfills
  • Secretly, we hate packaging!  But if we can’t get rid of packaging, it might as well go back into the ground to re-enrich the soil and help accelerate the adoption of Composting


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