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PURE Labels™ is the world's leading sustainable adhesive label company since 2008.

Every label product we manufacture and print is #1 in its sustainable category. We're the first and only company providing 100% Eco Friendly Adhesive Label Stickers.

Choose from 100% Recycled, 100% Recycle-Compatible, 100% Natural, or 100% Compostable. If you are serious about sustainable packaging, is your trusted resource with expertise you can count on.




We have a variety of eco-friendly options to choose from:samples.jpg

Recycle-Friendly is the preferred choice in situations where the label is expected to be recycled along with other paper-based packaging - meaning the label on a paper packaging can be simply recycled together without contaminating the recycled paper, as the adhesives have been engineered to separate from the pulp being recycled.

Compostable labels are an excellent choice when you are putting a label on compostable packaging - this way the entire packaging, along with label, can be composted.
Many people simply enjoy our recycle-friendly and compostable labels, since they are made with a tree-free natural sugar cane paper and they look natural and beautiful.
100% Recycled Labels are white, instead of the natural color of our Recycle-Friendly and Compostable options, they are a great choice when you would like to have confidence that the material is made by re-using waste instead of new virgin materials. They are not recyclable due to the adhesives used (we're working on it!) but the source raw material for the label facestock comes from 100% recycled PCW materials.

Eco-Friendly Printing

For short print runs, digital printing is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly printing technology which allows us to minimize waste. Hewlett-Packard’s Indigo printers are world leading in eco-friendly digital printing. Learn more why the HP topped Newsweek’s first Green Rankings of the 500 largest US companies based on research and analysis of the company’s actual environmental performance and reputation. HP Indigo Digital Presses

Larger runs will be printed using Web, Lithographic, or Flexographic printing processes.
Learn more about the eco-friendly vegetable inks used in printing PURE Labels (Earth Pride UV Coatable Inks, Eco Pride Process Inks)




After launching Distant Village Packaging, the world's first company dedicated to sustainable packaging in 2000, Rich Cohen worked with leading adhesive label industry experts to formulate a sustainable pressure senstive label which remains unrivaled today as the only fair trade 100% recycle-compatible label. This Original PURE Labels™ Label is enjoyed world-wide by the most demanding sustainable-minded businesses across North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Ideally suited for eco friendly businesses, PURE Labels are made of natural sugar cane plant fiber and are compostable and recycle-compatible, vegan, fair trade*, and tree-free. From start to finish, the labels are trusted and respected as the world’s most eco-friendly adhesive labels, with the strictest adherence to socially responsible business practices. The natural look of PURE Labels are the ideal choice for eco friendly and authentic sustainable businesses.

Be sure to visit often as we offer the best eco friendly labels in the world, including our line of 100% Recycled Wine, Beer, and Spirit labels and 100% Recycled Kraft Paper labels.

Our Offering Includes:

• Supply of Master Rolls to Eco-friendly PSA Label Printers

• Ready-To-Print 100% Recycled Avery® compatible blank labels, and 100% Compostable Avery® compatible blank labels (Laser & Ink-jet)

• Custom Printed Labels

PURE Labels are tree-free paper produced from all-natural plant fiber without HDPE or other plastics.

Save Money! Avoid set-up charges and die charges using our leading label printing technologies. Our labels may be printed in all shapes and sizes, usually without any set-up or die charges. A full Die List is available for download here.

Pure Labels work great with eco-friendly printing technology, vegetable-based inks, in addition to conventional printing technologies such as lithographic, flexographic, and digital. Our printer facilities recycle more than just scrap paper. Corrugated paper, metal plates, plastics and even the used ink and solvents are recycled or properly and safely disposed.


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