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​6 Tips for Using Eco-friendly Adhesive Labels to Promote Your Brand

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Using Sustainable Labels to Promote Your Brand

Your product label may be the first impression that potential customers have of your brand, and by combining sustainable product labels with your eco-friendly products and packaging you can demonstrate your brand’s commitment to sustainability. But you aren’t just limited to product labels, there are many different ways that you can use sustainable labels to promote your brand, here are 6 creative tips and ideas:

1. Stickers at Events to Leave an Impression

Use exclusive stickers to hand out at an event, or simply give out stickers with your branding message or logo on them. Once your sticker is in the hands of a customer, they then become a marketing vehicle for your brand. By using 100% Recycled, Fair Trade, Compostable, or Recycle-Friendly Labels, you can also use these stickers to open a dialogue with customers about your business’ sustainability practices or message.

2. Using Labels as a Seal for your Brand

Use custom printed labels to create an eye-catching branded seal that you can use on envelopes or to seal boxes and bags. It adds a little luxury to your packaging and your customers will appreciate the attention to detail! The type of eco-friendly label you choose will depend on the type of packaging you have chosen and on your brand’s sustainability promise, on the PURE Labels blog we have a guide on how to to choose the right label material for your business: Which Eco-Friendly Label is Right for Your Brand?

3. Add A Call to Action Where You Need it Most

Your labels don’t just have to contain your logo, or information about your product. Print custom labels with a call to action: encourage customers to support your cause, ask them to check out your website, or let them know how to best dispose of your eco-friendly or compostable packaging (including the recycled or compostable label!).

4. “Thank You” Stickers

You love your customers, so let them know by using “thank you” stickers! Use the personal touch of custom eco-friendly “thank you” labels to let your customers know that your business is socially responsible, while also leaving a lasting impression.

5. Gift Wrapping With a Branded Touch

With the holiday season quickly approaching, use stickers custom printed with your logo or holiday message to seal tissue or gift wrap as an elegant final touch to gift wrapping services. The natural appeal of the labels will help elevate the sustainable message of your organic or natural product.

6. Personalize your Product

Is there something that differentiates each item in your product line? Are your products handmade? Are they 100% organic certified, made with all-natural ingredients, or do they each have a different flavor, style, or scent? In a retail setting you can promote these differences as a selling point by using custom labels to easily identify them to customers.

BONUS TIP - We Can Help!

At PURE Labels we print custom labels for all of your sustainable branding needs. We offer Custom Printed Labels in any shape or size, so why not try something creative and eye-catching to promote your business?

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