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Compostable Labels for Compostable Packaging

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Is your packaging 100% Compostable?Compostable product labels

For a packaging system to be truly 100% compostable, compostable labels are required!

It can be a challenge to find compostable labels, and a business's efforts at eco-friendly packaging could end up being contaminated by a conventional non-compostable label slapped right onto a BPI-certified compostable packaging, such as a clear PLA clamshell food service container.

When composting on an industrial scale, sieves are used to screen contaminants from the finished compost. Particles smaller than the sieve size, such as the adhesive found on non-compostable labels, are not removed through the screening process and will contaminate the finished compost.

If the end user of the packaging assumed (quite reasonably) that both the packaging and label are 100% compostable and sent the entire packaging to be composted, either at home or to an industrial composting facility, the compost process would be contaminated, and that’s not what anybody would have wanted or intended.

Packaging and Labels – Compostable Together

If using compostable packaging from companies such as Elevate Packaging who create compostable packaging for the food and consumer packaged goods industries, or packaging for coffee and tea to specialty foods, it is essential that a sustainable and compostable label is used on the packaging.

Compostable labels from PURE Labels™ are available following American compost standards ASTM D6868 and ASTM D6400, and have been certified compostable to the European standard EN13432.  A wide range of compostable adhesive labels are available for fruit and produce labels, wine beer and spirit labels, direct thermal labels, water oil and grease resistant labels, and natural tree-free sugarcane paper labels.  Compostable labels are sustainable and create an organically natural brand experience.

Using compostable labels on compostable packaging just makes sense.

PURE Labels are the only compostable labels with fully compostable certified adhesives.  When the labels are used with compostable packaging they create a 100% compostable packaging solution.


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